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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Cupcake Is Out Of My Belly: Do not become a parent until you're willing to giv...

The Cupcake Is Out Of My Belly: Do not become a parent until you're willing to giv...: This is the 3rd time since Jennie was born that she slept through the whole night (9:30pm-6:30am), and let me tell you, we don't take those ...

Do not become a parent until you're willing to give up sleep...

This is the 3rd time since Jennie was born that she slept through the whole night (9:30pm-6:30am), and let me tell you, we don't take those nights for granted! Jake and I take turns waking up with her in the night, so one of us is always tired. It doesn't matter that you do it all the time- waking up at 1 or 2am everyday still sucks even after three months. And I keep hearing so many parents say that their 2 year still wakes up every night, or "my child gets into bed with us every morning at 4", and then there are those lucky parents whose kids sleep 12 hours a night without a peep (and I can't even begin to explain how jealous I am of those parents).
One of my friends just posted the other day on Facebook about how she wishes her son slept through the night, and the next day faced a firestorm of people who think she should just be happy her son is healthy, alive, etc. She never said anything about wishing her son was sick, or worse...she was a mom who was exhausted and stressed out, and what mom isn't? When you haven't slept right in days, weeks, or even months, it doesn't matter how much you love your child- all you want them to do is sleep!
As this blog post's title says, if you are ready to make a conscious decision to have a child, do not do it until you are willing to go without sleep for days on end. If you get pregnant on accident (like me), then you don't have a just gotta roll with it. 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Starting again- and this time, I'll stick to it!

So I started a blog in the beginning of my pregnancy and gave up about 4 months in. No time, feeling like crap, and worrying that people would criticize my views on the so-called miracle of life made me think twice about posting my thoughts and views publicly. 3 months into the new-mommy stage of my life, and that fear has changed into a lack of concern about what other people think. Honestly, I don’t care what your feelings are about my experiences- it’s your choice to read them or not. And if I say something that offends you, feel free to stop reading. It’s my blog and I’ll say what I want…
                Ok, rant over. I wanted to do this blog also because so many of my friends are thinking about having babies, pregnant, or have babies of their own, and I feel like no one really prepared me for what actually happens during this whole process. The simple phrase “having a baby” has SO much more meaning than 3 words can hold.  And I know that nothing can actually prepare you for the life-changing event and what happens after you bring that bundle of joy into the world. My hope is that I can give you just a small piece of advice, guidance, or bit of wisdom with every post. Or at least make you laugh, while more than likely grossing you out (seriously, child birth is the dirtiest job on the planet- someone call Mike Rowe!). My 2012 resolution? To entertain and educate you with my blog J

Saturday, May 7, 2011

This cupcake has been kicking up a storm for the past week; as soon as I sit down or lay down to relax, he/she lets me know they are there. Right now, I'm just laying on the couch and every 2-3 minutes, the cupcake gives me a little punch or kick. When I first felt these twitches about 2 weeks ago, I couldn't even believe it because it's still hard to believe I am pregnant, and felt I wasn't far enough along. But it was a feeling I have never felt before, and there was no mistaking it- over the next couple days, this cupcake made it very clear that he/she wanted to be felt. A lot. At times, I feel like I'm baking a dozen cupcakes, and right now, I have a fear that when we go for the ultrasound on May 19, the doctor isn't going to say "it's a boy" or "it's a girl", instead, we are going to hear "Oh, well, looks like it's twins, triplets, decaplets (look it up), etc". It's a small chance, but hey, with my luck it's bound to happen.
With tomorrow being Mother's Day, and many people wishing me a happy Mother's Day already, all I can think about is, at this time next year, we will have a baby. On Jake's birthday next year, we will have a baby. I was trying to figure out what to be for Halloween, and it suddenly it hit me- we are going to have baby then! Crazy...but at the same time, as much as I feel we are unprepared, I think we will be able to handle it. Not that we really have a choice not to handle it. But with the way Jake has been with this whole thing, I know we will be ok.
One thing that has fascinated me about being pregnant is how stereotypical it really is- peeing and eating all the time, the growing body (8lbs so far!). And the burping- I can't even believe some of the ones I have been able to let go. And I can't control it. Nola (the girl who gave this baby it's nickname- cupcake) was bouncing in my lap, and whoops- I burped, right in her freakin' face. She started laughing and asked "Is that the baby farting??!" And we both ended up laying on the floor laughing so hard we were crying...never woulda thought of it that way, and only a 4 year old could make that connection...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You're pregnant- you can't go outside

As of today, I am 15 weeks, 3 days along. And have gained less than 5lbs since the! I have been out-eating Jake for almost 2 weeks now. For lunch one day last week, I ate 4 grilled cheeses (and they were absolutely delicious, by the way). Another day, I ate 3 plates of macaroni and cheese. I would have only eaten 2, but Shelby (the aid in my classroom) brought me the last little bit and made me eat it. Ok, she didn't make me, but that's what I'm going with. I do have a slight baby bump, which Jake is thrilled about, and again, what 21 year old kid is happy that their girlfriend is gaining weight? Haha :)
I love the fact that we have so much support from everyone it seems like, and I also love the fact that I work with 4 year olds, because they remind me (every day) that I am pregnant. Because I am peeing so much, the kids were wondering why I am always leaving the room. One day, I got sick of 15 of them asking me "where did you go Miss Leslie", one after the other, so I told all of them that it's because the baby makes me go potty all the time. Now, whenever I leave the room, I have to hear all of them say "oh, the baby is making Miss Leslie pee again".
Also, there is a little girl in my class, Macey, whose mom had a baby back in November, and she was old enough to understand some of what was going on. When I came back from one of my appointments, Macey got really quiet, pulled me down to her level, and asked, "Did you have to pee in a cup? My mommy did, allllllll the time", and then she started laughing! She also asks me EVERYDAY if I am having a girl. She also told me that my baby is going to be a rock star when she comes out, and that because I am pregnant, and I am not allowed to go outside. I have asked her why on countless occasions, and her only answer is "because you're pregnant". Maybe I can use that excuse later on..."Yes, I have to have a meet and greet with Mr. Aldean- because I'm pregnant..." :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

The end of the beginning

So last week, I was extremely sick- some kind of viral infection. I hate that term- viral...I'm pretty sure it means the doctor doesn't know what's wrong, and doesn't want to spend any more time trying to figure it out. But oh well- I'm not 100% better, but at least I am able to go back to work now.
As some of you may know already, last Tuesday, Jake and I were able to hear the cupcake's heartbeat for the first time. Let me tell you something: I thought my life changed the day I found out I was pregnant. Then I thought it changed when I saw the cupcake's ultrasound for the first time. But absolutely nothing prepares you to hear another living heartbeat, INSIDE of you. The doctor said because I was only 11 weeks not to get our hopes up because sometimes you can't hear it that early. But he put that cold nasty jelly on my lower belly, and boom, there it was! And pretty fast too, which leads to my next point.
From the day I found out I was pregnant, my gut feeling has been that I am having a girl, and nothing has swayed that. I have read all kinds of old wives tales and superstitious ways to tell the gender- they say the faster the heart beat, the more likely it is to be a girl. The funny thing was, before I got pregnant, I DID NOT WANT GIRLS. At all. I wanted a house full of boys. I even had names picked out. But it's funny how, when it actually happens, that all goes out the window. From day one, both Jake and I have wanted a healthy baby regardless of gender. And no matter what color frosting this cupcake comes out with, we will love it unconditionally.
Sorry, this post isn't so funny- my funny bone is still recovering from my viral infection, I guess :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm Sick of Having to Pee!

The title explains it all- seriously. Every hour, sometimes more; after every meal, I gotta go. How can something the size of a peanut right now be affecting my bladder so much? I know that I'll look back on this post later in my pregnancy and wonder why I was complaining (I hear it only gets worse after 3 months), but right now, even as I am typing, I have to pee. Ugh...
Oh and guess what? I just got done eating too- a ham sandwich. And I'm probably going to make a pot of macaroni and cheese now. My appetite has sky-rocketed in the past 2 weeks, which I am enjoying. But, I weighed myself after lunch today, and I have only gained about 3lbs so far. I feel like a whale compared to my normal self, and 3lbs? C'mon...with the way I have been eating, I should have gained 10. Oh well. I know the weight gain is coming, soon.
Jake is pretty excited about my new baby bump, I think because he feels kind of left out of this whole process (although, he had a pretty major role in the making of my bump haha). I'm still pretty much in shock over how well he adjusted to our new situation. The other day, I overheard him tell one of his friends that life is good "because work is good and I'm going to be a dad soon." What 21 year guy says stuff like that? Mine :)
Speaking of work, for those of you that don't know, I work in a daycare as a teacher in the 4 & 5 year olds classroom. And everyday since I have told my kiddos about my cupcake, I get asked questions or something is said that just makes me laugh. Here are some examples...

*Paul- "Has your baby fallen out yet?"

*Aidan- "Has your baby come out yet?"
Macey- "No, it still has to cook."

*Logan- "Can I feel your baby?"
Me- "Well you can't really feel the baby, but you can feel my belly if you want. It's getting a little bigger."
Logan- "Ok." And then he proceeds to touch my boob...

Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Beginning

As I type this, I am eating. Again. Baked pasta. About 2 hours ago, I ate a peanut butter sandwich. My life has always centered around eating, and now, it's even more so. Not that it bothers me- food has always been one of my favorite things. Ever. Lately though, all I have wanted is orange juice, turkey, and a cheeseburger, pretty much in that order.
So many people have been asking me how I am feeling and doing- the truth is, I don't feel pregnant and I don't look pregnant, so it's strange for so many people to care about me. I'm glad we have all this support though. I honestly thought more people would be freaked out (in a bad way) by our announcement. I can't say how awesome it makes us feel :)
Ok, done with the sappy stuff. I'm about to finish this bowl of leftover pasta, and still want something else- a bowl of cereal? Girl scout cookies- yes, a whole row of Carmel Delites (or Samoas, if that's what you prefer to call them) is calling my name. By the way, here is why I chose to name my blog what I did: the day before I went to the doctor to confirm (at the time) my worst fear, I was explaining to one of the girls in my class that I wouldn't be at school until lunchtime. Another girl, Nola, was sitting in my lap, and here's how the next minute and a half of my life went:

Nola- "why you not gonna be here til lunch tomorrow?"
Me- "Because I have to go to the doctor"
Nola- "You got a oww-ie?"
Me- "No, I don't have an owwie"
Nola- "Then why you goin to the doctor?"
Me- "I will be able to tell you later...I'll tell all your friends and you soon. It's something exciting"
Nola- "is it a cupcake?!"

And this is why I love my job...thanks for reading. Hope to post more as time goes on :)