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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Beginning

As I type this, I am eating. Again. Baked pasta. About 2 hours ago, I ate a peanut butter sandwich. My life has always centered around eating, and now, it's even more so. Not that it bothers me- food has always been one of my favorite things. Ever. Lately though, all I have wanted is orange juice, turkey, and a cheeseburger, pretty much in that order.
So many people have been asking me how I am feeling and doing- the truth is, I don't feel pregnant and I don't look pregnant, so it's strange for so many people to care about me. I'm glad we have all this support though. I honestly thought more people would be freaked out (in a bad way) by our announcement. I can't say how awesome it makes us feel :)
Ok, done with the sappy stuff. I'm about to finish this bowl of leftover pasta, and still want something else- a bowl of cereal? Girl scout cookies- yes, a whole row of Carmel Delites (or Samoas, if that's what you prefer to call them) is calling my name. By the way, here is why I chose to name my blog what I did: the day before I went to the doctor to confirm (at the time) my worst fear, I was explaining to one of the girls in my class that I wouldn't be at school until lunchtime. Another girl, Nola, was sitting in my lap, and here's how the next minute and a half of my life went:

Nola- "why you not gonna be here til lunch tomorrow?"
Me- "Because I have to go to the doctor"
Nola- "You got a oww-ie?"
Me- "No, I don't have an owwie"
Nola- "Then why you goin to the doctor?"
Me- "I will be able to tell you later...I'll tell all your friends and you soon. It's something exciting"
Nola- "is it a cupcake?!"

And this is why I love my job...thanks for reading. Hope to post more as time goes on :)



  1. Awe! I can't wait til Dalton says the cutest things! I loove this! Keep it up!

  2. Lol! Glad u are getting lots of support! At times it can be rather trying to be a parent, but it is still the best experience in life.

    The best advice i have is routine routine routine and stick to what u say or u will regret it forever! Lol im sure u already know how important these are since u are the most awesome teacher ever!!!

    Now stop reading this and go eat something yummy. =)

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  4. you (three) have our total and complete support!! we love you AND the cupcake in your belly :)