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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm Sick of Having to Pee!

The title explains it all- seriously. Every hour, sometimes more; after every meal, I gotta go. How can something the size of a peanut right now be affecting my bladder so much? I know that I'll look back on this post later in my pregnancy and wonder why I was complaining (I hear it only gets worse after 3 months), but right now, even as I am typing, I have to pee. Ugh...
Oh and guess what? I just got done eating too- a ham sandwich. And I'm probably going to make a pot of macaroni and cheese now. My appetite has sky-rocketed in the past 2 weeks, which I am enjoying. But, I weighed myself after lunch today, and I have only gained about 3lbs so far. I feel like a whale compared to my normal self, and 3lbs? C'mon...with the way I have been eating, I should have gained 10. Oh well. I know the weight gain is coming, soon.
Jake is pretty excited about my new baby bump, I think because he feels kind of left out of this whole process (although, he had a pretty major role in the making of my bump haha). I'm still pretty much in shock over how well he adjusted to our new situation. The other day, I overheard him tell one of his friends that life is good "because work is good and I'm going to be a dad soon." What 21 year guy says stuff like that? Mine :)
Speaking of work, for those of you that don't know, I work in a daycare as a teacher in the 4 & 5 year olds classroom. And everyday since I have told my kiddos about my cupcake, I get asked questions or something is said that just makes me laugh. Here are some examples...

*Paul- "Has your baby fallen out yet?"

*Aidan- "Has your baby come out yet?"
Macey- "No, it still has to cook."

*Logan- "Can I feel your baby?"
Me- "Well you can't really feel the baby, but you can feel my belly if you want. It's getting a little bigger."
Logan- "Ok." And then he proceeds to touch my boob...

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  1. hahaha omg!!! your super lucky to have jake taking this so well! and logan cracks me up! i cant wait for your baby to fall out too!