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Monday, March 21, 2011

The end of the beginning

So last week, I was extremely sick- some kind of viral infection. I hate that term- viral...I'm pretty sure it means the doctor doesn't know what's wrong, and doesn't want to spend any more time trying to figure it out. But oh well- I'm not 100% better, but at least I am able to go back to work now.
As some of you may know already, last Tuesday, Jake and I were able to hear the cupcake's heartbeat for the first time. Let me tell you something: I thought my life changed the day I found out I was pregnant. Then I thought it changed when I saw the cupcake's ultrasound for the first time. But absolutely nothing prepares you to hear another living heartbeat, INSIDE of you. The doctor said because I was only 11 weeks not to get our hopes up because sometimes you can't hear it that early. But he put that cold nasty jelly on my lower belly, and boom, there it was! And pretty fast too, which leads to my next point.
From the day I found out I was pregnant, my gut feeling has been that I am having a girl, and nothing has swayed that. I have read all kinds of old wives tales and superstitious ways to tell the gender- they say the faster the heart beat, the more likely it is to be a girl. The funny thing was, before I got pregnant, I DID NOT WANT GIRLS. At all. I wanted a house full of boys. I even had names picked out. But it's funny how, when it actually happens, that all goes out the window. From day one, both Jake and I have wanted a healthy baby regardless of gender. And no matter what color frosting this cupcake comes out with, we will love it unconditionally.
Sorry, this post isn't so funny- my funny bone is still recovering from my viral infection, I guess :)


  1. I hope the little cupcake has Pink frosting! :)

  2. I guess I should still wait on baby clothes, huh??

  3. See now this is very interesting, because from the minute I found out, I saw a baby boy for you and Jake! Awww hugs all around!

  4. you never usually get what you want, from the second you said you wanted to have a baseball team inside i knew you were gonna be "cursed" ( for humor purposes) with girls ;) and if this cupcake is pink, she will have a strong mama and a great auntie for guidance :) <3 you