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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another great giveaway!

As a mom, I'm always looking for deals. Whether it's for diapers, food, clothes, or anything really, anytime I save my little family even just a buck, I feel like I've helped out alot. One of my friends and fellow bloggers, Pam, is doing a Thirty-One giveaway. If you aren't familiar with the Thirty-One brand, they offer trendy and affordable purses and bags featuring super cute designs! My boss gave us a few bags for Christmas, and I love each one of them. The bags have many uses...I couldn't live without my large tote to carry my coupons and couponing supplies while grocery shopping! Here are just a few of the bags and designs you can choose from:

I love blogging- getting to share my daily experiences as a new mom helps me in more ways than one. And I also love reading other blogs and Pam's is definitely one I don't miss. Her blog reminds me of the days of being child free and worrying about what bedroom set I'm going to get :) Check out her blog at's good for a laugh or two, or just one of those "what the f**k" moments. Don't forget to tell her The Cupcake In My Belly sent you!

Copy and paste this URL into your browser to enter her giveaway:

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  1. Thanks Leslie for the shout out!! Go enter the's not hard at all!! :) You can win a $15 gift card. Read the post to get more details!