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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What do dads think?

Lots of my readers are moms. I love it- you girls know exactly what I'm going through, whether it has happened to you just a few months ago or 18 years ago. But there are alot of things I wonder about when it comes to being a dad. So here goes-

When you see a guy riding his Harley down the highway, do you ever go "Wow, to be that guy!" I do the same thing when I see girls around my age out shopping, or running, or out with their friends, able to wear cute black shirts that don't have snot or spit up on them. Sometimes I look at them with such jealousy- Wow, I wish I could be that girl right now! And moms, don't even try to say you have never thought something like that. So I wonder if dads do the same thing- "that lucky son of a bitch!" Is that the thought that runs through their heads when they see a guy, gloriously alone on a Harley?

Along those lines...

When you see a guy driving a minivan, do you go "awwww, that poor guy!"? Must have got suckered into buying one by his wife when all he wanted to do was get himself an Expedition or Tahoe to haul the kids around (or whatever he REALLY wanted, but just agreed to buy to get his wife to shut up).

Jake always asks me this- "How are girls able to carry babies on their hips?" And I noticed this- when guys hold babies, they generally hold them like footballs or sacks of groceries. Girls can hold babies just about any way- on the hip, in front of us, around our neck, attached to our legs. Guys aren't so sure of themselves it seems like, even when it's their own kids.

Dads, do you ever wonder how your baby mamas would be able to get the car seat base in the car without you? Or put the crib or any of your kids' toys together? I know anytime something like that needs to be done for Jennie, Jake does it. I'm sure I could figure it out by looking at the directions, but it's just easier to be like "Jaaaaaakkkkeee! I can't do it!"

Another question Jake ponders- How the hell did our baby fit inside your belly? He is constantly picking Jennie up, holding her over my stomach and going "How did you ever fit in there?" I wonder the same thing, but I was able to feel feet jamming into my lungs and hands poking body parts I didn't even know I had. Pregnancy is such a mysterious thing, and for guys, I can't even imagine what they think it feels like.

I'm sure I missed other questions dads ask themselves and each other when moms aren't around- oh yea, do dads discuss their baby's bowel movements with each other the way moms do?- but now it's dinner time. Jake made steaks and potatoes- he is such a good wife :)

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  1. Haha oh my gosh, I loved reading this. I always want to be the girls my age out shopping without spit up on them. Man oh man, they must have it good!