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Friday, April 13, 2012

Don't drink the water!

If you are a female, you're more than likely pregnant right now. Seriously, EVERYBODY has either a) announced that they are pregnant or b)updated their Facebook page with belly pictures. Can't say much...obviously I drank the same water because I now have a 6 month old. And I see all the pictures and Facebook statuses from these newly expecting girls with such high hopes and dreams, and I used to be one of them. "Can't wait to be a mommy- I want to see what this little bundle of joy looks like!" or "Found the cutest matching stroller-carseat-high chair set!" Good be so naive again. I remember the days of registering for my baby shower and Jake and I just went up and down the aisles clicking on everything- these companies do a good job of making it seem like you NEED a $12,000 baby monitor (it has an LCD screen and can Tazer any intruder!) Ok, over-exaggeration, but you get my point. How are you supposed to know what you need and don't need? I'll make it simple-

1. A crib
2. Diapers
3. Wipes
4. Carseat

Everything else, seriously, is just extra. Oh, and another piece of advice- if you plan on having more than one baby, buy the "big" stuff in a gender neutral color.

Another status that made me laugh recently from a girl who is pretty close to popping- "I just want to sleep! This baby can't figure out where he wants to be, and I haven't slept right in days!" think that by that baby being taken out of you, you will be able to sleep? To be that hopeful. This baby has the right idea:

Now I'm not saying you'll never sleep again (although it sure as hell feels like it). But your idea of a good night's rest goes from 8-10 hours uninterrupted to being able to sleep from 10pm-4am with only one wake up call.

And I'm also not saying that you can't go buy some cute, unnecessary items for your bundle of joy- Lord knows I have spent tons of money on International Harvester clothes and accessories for Jennie. But listen to me, and other experienced parents when they tell you what to splurge on and what to save on. We kinda know what we're talking about ;) As an expecting mom, a new mom, and even experienced parents, we receive advice on a daily basis and your best bet is to listen to it. If you're not ready to listen, then don't drink the water...


  1. I think I must be the rare exception here. I'm pregnant with my first I'm feeling nothing but no-nonsense about the whole thing. We live in a tiny house and simply don't have room for all the stuff most people usually stuff into a nursery. We're hoping to move...sometime. But most likely this baby will come while we live where we are now. When I told some friends I'm just getting a pack-n-play and a car seat and calling it good, they were seriously HORRIFIED. They couldn't fathom how I'd survive without a "cute" crib. As if an infant cares!

  2. Trish- I was in the same boat as you when I delivered. we were in the process of signing on our first house when I went into labor, so we didn't have ANYTHING resembling a nursery, just a crib in our bedroom and we used the top of our dresser as a changing table. I think it's easier to start out simple so you don't go overboard, because it is so easy to do!