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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Our first Easter

What a weekend- I don't think I have sat down once! From 7:30am yesterday til 8pm tonight, my little family has been all over the place. Yesterday morning, I ran a 3k race with a set of parents from the daycare I work at- 1.8 miles in 22 minutes, and somehow walked away with a medal for placing in the top 3 in my age group. Obviously, I didn't have much competition, but I'm still pretty proud of myself for finishing a 3k. Next goal: complete a 5k (Brat Fest 5k, here I come!!) After the race there was an Easter egg hunt, which was Jennie's first. Big thanks to McKynlee for letting her help :)
Me and my baby girl...don't mind me lookin-a hot mess after the race

After Jennie and I returned home from the race and egg hunt, we headed to Auntie Amber's house to support her during a rough day. Her step-dad was killed in a car accident, and yesterday they held an auction to sell off his things. Amber and I have been friends since we were babies, and she has been through more than her fair share of hard times (read more about our friendship and our history by looking under January's posts and reading "The Good and The Bad-This One Is For You Amber"). Watching 15 years of her memories being sold off was almost too much to bear- nothing can prepare you for the loss of a loved one so suddenly and unexpectedly, and I don't know what's worse- the fact that they are gone or all that you have to do and take care of once they are gone. Lots of tears were shed...but we also had lots of laughs later last night when she came over with a few friends. Hopefully we took her mind off everything for awhile. 24 years of friendship right you Amber!

Easter Sunday today- our first Easter with Jennie. Easter brunch at Jake's grandparents, and the afternoon spent doing yard and housework. I realized today that it's absolutely pointless to have Jake in the yard and me in the house trying to clean. When you have a baby, only one person can really concentrate on the job they are doing. In the time it took Jake to load a truck bed full of firewood, go the gas station and get fuel for the quad, and then use the quad to pull out three large bushes from our backyard, I was able to put away Jennie's laundry. Yes, it took me over an hour to put away one baby's close. Know why? Oh wait, 5 minutes into putting clothes away, it was time for a bottle. After the bottle, she needed a diaper. And after her diaper, she apparently thought it was time to play with mommy. Every time I set her down so I could fold her clothes, she grabbed that said piece of clothing and tried to shove it in her mouth (oh, they joys of teething). Speaking of housework- if you know of anyone willing to be my maid, send them my way.****<-----see disclaimer at bottom

Another exciting development for the weekend? Jennie's first tooth poked through. And now her upper gums are swollen (both left and right sides). So corny, but I can't believe how fast time is going. How can my baby girl be 6 and a half months old already?

****Disclaimer- I'll pay you in fond memories of vacuuming two large dogs' hair, sinks full of dishes with who knows what on them, and lots of diaper-genie refilling. Anyone interested in this position, please call the household chore fairy Jake seems to think lives here that does all this :)

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