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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


One word but it means so much to a new mom (or any parent)- help. But few will ever actually ask for it. Something happens after you have a child and even if you had no problem asking for help before, now you feel ashamed or embarrassed or any other synonym to those words when you feel like you even need any help. Perfect example: my mom will text me sometimes "hey I'm at Target/Walmart/etc. Do you need diapers or anything?" and even if we were completely out of all baby supplies, I would still say no. I feel like it is our responsibility to provide EVERYTHING for our baby girl. People ask my all the time if Jennie needs any clothes or if they can buy her an outfit they saw at the store and even then, I usually say no- They are just trying to be nice! But no, I feel guilty.

So here is a tip to friends of people with kids: don't ask. JUST DO IT. My friend Erika who picked me up before the concert Saturday night came in with a box of diapers and 3 outfits. That box of diapers saved Jake a trip to the store by himself with Jennie while I was gone because she was nearly out of diapers at that point. It isn't the first time Erika has done this, and again, thank you :)

This isn't a subversive cry for help from Jake or I either. Just remember that while you are trying to figure out how to buy that new pair of shoes you have had your eye on, your friend with a child is trying to figure out how to come up with that $50 to buy food and diapers for their baby. All help is appreciated but never expect your friend to ask you for it. Also remember what goes around comes around, and some of my friends will have a ton of stuff coming around when it is their turn to have a baby!

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