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Monday, February 13, 2012

Money Monday

Some bloggers do Music Monday. I love the idea, but it doesn't always fit with what I want to get across. So I decided to start Money Monday- a way to help all you newbies, soon-to-be's, and thinking-about-becoming's get a better understanding of how much it costs to raise a child. I'll even throw in a giveaway every once in a while (who doesn't love free money, parent or not?!)

Today, I want to focus on diapers. The one question I have is- why the hell do they cost SO much? They are paper, some plastic, and just a little bit of some kinda sticky stuff. Apparently whatever absorbent material they put inside them is the expensive part. Like I have said before, a box of diapers will cost you about $20. To the inexperienced diaper shopper, that sounds reasonable- a whole box for $20? Wow good deal! To the parents of a baby, it makes your head spin how fast $20 goes down the drain (or I should say in the diaper genie). Our baby girl goes through about 8 diapers a day. The boxes of diapers we buy contain about 90 diapers. So $20 lasts about 10 days. But wait, that doesn't include the diapers we have to keep for her at the daycare or in her diaper bag.

This brings me to another point- Target diapers are AWESOME! No endorsement is behind that, although some one get me the number for Target advertisers because I would love to say how much I love their diapers, in exchange for them being free. Jake and I got lucky because Jennie is able to wear any diaper without a bad reaction to any of them. And the difference between a box of Pampers or Huggies and a box of Target diapers is about $5. That adds up fast when you buy a box a week! On a side note- we personally hated the Walmart diapers and wipes. But don't take our word for it. You may end up liking them and I do know many parents that swear by them.

So there's my first Money Monday post. Hopefully you learned something. If you didn't, then that probably means you are an experienced parent :) Don't forget to enter the giveaway I have going on with fellow bloggers- you may earn enough to pay for half a box of diapers for yourself or a friend ;)

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