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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tonight is the night!

Been waiting over four months for tonight...I'm going out for the first time since having Jennie! All of you helped me win tickets to see Jason Aldean in Champaign, IL, and I can't wait to spend some quality time with one of the coolest girls around- Erika. We met through Jason's fan club (yes, I refer to Jason Aldean as just Jason. I feel it's ok because I have seen him live 27 times. Make that 28 after tonight. We know each other. Or he just knows me as Stickers. I digress...) and have been to countless shows together. This is a picture from the last concert we saw together. I was 7 months pregnant and she was engaged, and she surprised me with an impromptu baby/bridal shower :)

But as excited as I am, I will have two things weighing on my mind. Of course, I'll be having a minor nervous breakdown the whole night because Jennie will be home with Jake and I'll be worrying about whether or not she is ok. I shouldn't have to worry though- Jake is the best father and caretaker I could ask for for my child. The second thing weighing on my mind? Back in October 2010, my friends Lori and Christine embarked on a 3-Jason Aldean-shows-in-3-nights adventure with me, also known as a triple header JAcation in the Aldean Army vocabulary. And Champaign, IL was the first stop on our trip. But just a couple months ago, Christine was diagnosed with breast cancer and her surgery is on Monday. We only spent 3 days in each other's company, but 3 days spent entirely in a car, in a hotel room, or in the pit of a concert force you to get know each other very well. Those three days were some of the best of my life, and my heart is heavy knowing Christine is facing the most terrifying battle of her life. I'll be thinking of her all night. But I also know she is strong- please keep her in your thoughts and prayers on Monday, and feel free to join the Aldean Army in wearing pink on Monday in support of her!

This is Christine, me, and Lori with Rich Redmond, Jason Aldean's drummer :)

So here's to having an awesome night! Love to you Christine...let's hope we have at least one more JAcation in our future! <3

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  1. Have a great time! You deserve a night out :)