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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Party at Jennie's crib, 12am

For two weeks, Jennie slept through the night. It was heaven. Putting her down at 8:30 and waking up around 5am felt so good. And I refused to post anything about it because I didn't want to jinx it. But it doesn't matter now- my daughter has thought midnight is an acceptable wake-up call the past 3 nights. After two weeks of getting a full night's sleep, these middle of the night parties my daughter has been throwing are harsh. Monday night, she was awake from midnight until 3 am. She wanted to have tummy time, converse with her humidifier (it looks like a cow, must get her love of those animals from her mother), and just hang out with yours truly. Would have been fine if I didn't have work in the morning, which made for a LONG day, and she was awake from midnight til about 2 am this morning, this time with a cough. It almost makes me dread even going to bed because I think it would be easier just to stay up and wait for her to wake up instead of sleeping for a couple hours only to be woken up by cries. I know it would be just my luck that the night I decide to do that, she doesn't wake up. Oh well...such is the life of a parent with a baby.
Tomorrow, Jennie will be 5 months old. How is that even possible?! 5 months ago, around this time in the evening, I was in a hospital room preparing to push out this little girl. All my nurses were saying she would be here in just 2 or 3 pushes- three hours later I'm being wheeled into the O.R. for a c-section because she was stuck. My labor with her is a whole other blog post though (and one that may never get written because only those in the medical profession appreciate the disgusting gloriousness child labor really is), but I wouldn't have traded anything I went through to have her.
5 months in, and a lifetime to go <3


  1. I remember those days well! I use to feel the same way, I would almost rather wait for the baby to wake up and need me than to be woken up. It goes so fast doesn't it? You really just blink and another year goes by! Enjoy! I loved 5 months!!

  2. She is adorable How i wish I had those days back with my little ones. We are going on 3 and 4 now. They told me the same and my son was stuck also luckily a nurse used her magic hands and held his head told me to push and helped my son down for me to birth him :) with my daughter tho not the case with an emergency c-section we were wheeled off and as soon as she was taken out she was rushed away for hours :(