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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


10pm- I have agreed to a c-section. I am in tears, wanna throw up again, and overall am the biggest wreck I have ever been. My mom and all the nurses and doctors are saying "you did such a good job!"...Jake knows how I feel about having a c-section, and he is a wreck too. His mom pulls him aside for a few minutes. The staff around me are busy cleaning up and preparing me for surgery. I have no idea what to expect. A huge reason why I didn't want a c-section is because I had never been in the hospital before, even for a minor injury, so the thought of surgery frightened me. And I was so concerned about getting back to work ASAP because I didn't get a paid maternity leave that I didn't want a long recovery time. Jake comes back to my side, wipes his tears, wipes mine, and I get wheeled off to the O.R. with him walking beside me.

10pm-10:48pm- I honestly have no idea what happened in these 48 minutes. I only kind of remember the ride to the operating room. One clear memory though- after the cloth was put up over my bottom half to cover what was going to happen during surgery, the anesthesiologist came by my side to check to see if I was ok. I remember asking him "will they be able to get her out?" For some reason, I thought that because she had gotten stuck in me that they would have to pull her out. This was the vision I had in my head- my doctor pulling my daughter's feet out of me and yanking and yanking and yanking and nothing happening because her head was stuck. Weird I know, but the anesthesiologist reassured me that the doctor would be able to get her out. I think he even chuckled at me being so worried about her being stuck. I also remember seeing Jake walk over to me in the blue surgical scrubs, mask on, laughing because the covers he put on his boots weren't really big enough (he has a size 13 foot). But mostly what I remember from this short 48 minutes of time was exhaustion. I think I was dozing in and out the whole time. Jake was rubbing my head and the O.R. staff were busy around me.

10:49pm, September 23, 2011- Jennie Jo Johnson cries <3

I have no idea how long it took the nurse call Jake over to see Jennie. But when she did, Jake looked at me and said "I don't wanna go over there"...he was so scared of seeing all my insides from surgery. I said "go!" and after a few minutes, he brought the most beautiful baby girl over to meet me.


  1. what a sweet little girl! Saying hi from VB

  2. I had a c-section too, and I enjoyed the unconsciousness :)
    Seeing your girl for the first time is priceless, isn't it?