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Saturday, March 17, 2012

When are you going to have your next baby?

Did you just ask me that? Oh you did? Now can I punch you in the face? No? Then don't ask me again...Yes, I want a large family (seriously, I would be happy if I could have my own show called 19 kids and counting) but that doesn't mean it has to happen right now. Like I said in my last post, Jake and I are finally hitting our stride as parents and we would both like to enjoy our little family right now because I know that pretty soon our house will never be this quiet. As I sit here in the dark, listening to one of the first spring storms roll through with CMT on and Jennie sleeping in her bouncy chair, I can't help but wonder- when will this happen again? We have gotten lucky because Jennie has started sleeping through the night (more like 10pm-5am, but we will take it)...I know that because I just wrote that, she won't sleep for the next two weeks. That's just how it works. Will I ever have another morning where I can watch an hour of my favorite music videos without interruption? Time will tell...

Ok, I won't punch you in the face if you want to ask me that. Maybe you should pay me $1 to help pay for this next baby that you seem to want to come along. I guess what bugs me the most about people asking me this is it seems to imply that we aren't happy with what we have now. Everyone is so concerned about what's next. Let me tell you what's next for us- a gorgeous weekend full of nothing to do. Jake and I ARE happy with what we have now...a gorgeous baby girl, 2 crazy dogs, a new house to make our own, and Jake just got a promotion at work. Let us enjoy what we have going on before you assume we want something else to add to our plate. And I won't ask YOU when YOU are going to have a baby.

When ARE you going to have a baby, by the way? :) Couldn't resist...


  1. I understand at least in part what you are feeling. I get asked this question by strangers - my friends know better - and, in our case, we are actually done. People really do have the opinion that we and our child will suffer if there is not a number two. They don't appreciate that, in cases like ours, adding a second would actually make everyone's life worse. Sometimes, things are just perfect (or perfect enough) as they are. I wonder if people will ever stop thinking that more is always better.

    Funny and thought provoking - thanks! :)

  2. When asked this question often enough, it can be rather annoying. I got it a lot, in my younger days just because I have one child only. Then I still get the question after I lost my first late husband so my answer to them is, Factory is here but no raw material supplier.. Then after I married my present hubby, people asked again, I told them, Factory closed and bankrupt. LOL! Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  3. Hi Leslie:

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  4. No more babies for me. Eleven is enough. That is so cool that you want a large family. It's an adventure that doesn't stop or grow old!

  5. I'm on the fence about having a third--and it seems that people just assume we're done since we don't get that question any more! We got it plenty, starting when my first son was barely 4 months old. Um, give a girl a break, people!

  6. i think your post was hilarious! thanks for sharing!