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Monday, January 9, 2012

Dear Victoria's Secret...I hate PINK

When you have a baby girl, apparently everything is supposed to be all pink, and covered in bows and frilly. Anyone who knows me knows I am NOT that kind of girl. I have one pink shirt in my closet- a Ford Mustang shirt I pretty much only wear to bed. I don't mind bows but frills just ain't me. So when I found out I was having a girl I immediately went into panic mode, not because I didn't want to have a girl but because I knew that my life would be dominated by pink from then on. I tried my hardest to prevent it from happening. Instead of doing pink, I wanted everything to be red and white (mixed together they make pink...that's close enough right?) For my baby shower, I told my friends and family who were planning it that if I showed up and there was any pink balloons or streamers anywhere I would go back home. I didn't want pink clothes...but I'm pretty sure the very first present I opened contained a pink tutu. When people asked me what the nursery theme would be and I said "big red tractor" they would say "shouldn't it be big pink tractor?" No. No. No. That's just wrong on so many levels. 
With that being said, my friend (and super talented artist, check out her website  ) Kelly is working on Jennie's nursery as we speak. The big red tractor theme went out the window when Jake said he didn't want me putting the lyrics to Big Green Tractor on the walls (I would have changed it to Big Red Tractor anyway). But I'm still incorporating some of my favorite singer's lyrics in it, along with polka dots (red and pink). I'm so excited to share the finished product with you all, which will hopefully be Wednesday! 
Oh, and Jennie has worn that pink tutu twice already, and has another in her closet for her next size up. Can't believe it's almost time to pack away the 0-3 month sizes but I know that no matter what she wears she will look cute in it...even if it is pink and covered in bows and frilly :)

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