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Thursday, January 5, 2012

I can't wear black anymore

Somethings you take for granted when you don't have kids:
1. Just going to the store
2. Saying "oh yea sure I'll totally go to -fill in the event here-", with less than 24-48 hours notice
3. Wearing black

Seriously, I can't "just go" to the store, or anywhere, anymore. I have to make sure I have the diaper bag, enough diapers, wipes, and formula as well as bottles. An extra set of clothes for her (and me...always leave an extra shirt in the car or stuff it in your purse because you never know what bodily fluid will get on you). Her blanket. I'm sure I'm missing something in that list, and it seems like every time we go out anywhere, we always forget that something. One day we will be able to walk out of the house feeling and actually being totally prepared. One day...

You know how every Friday night someone asks you to do something- go to the bar, go to dinner, go shopping? That doesn't happen anymore either. Obviously you can't take a baby to a bar. Well you can but wait for the judgement to fly, even if all you are doing is having dinner, because who doesn't love some bar food every once in awhile?  And going to dinner or shopping, or whatever else your friends want to do? See the paragraph above. Oh how I miss the days of just carrying a purse around. Now it's a purse, diaper bag and 15lb baby in a car seat. Makes me tired just thinking about it. One day...

And it doesn't matter how many times I get puked on, peed on, booger-ed on, I still always happen to be wearing black when that happens. Right now, I'm wearing a black hoodie and on my left shoulder there is something white and crusty. Could be tears, could be snot...who knows. My closest is full of black shirts because that is the easiest thing for me to put when I need to "dress up". One day...

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  1. Ah yes I remember it well!!! I carried a diaper bag for about 9 years!!! I know this seems impossible now, but there will be a time sooner than you think when you will look at a diaper bag and feel wistful and a little sad. But, I know when you have a tiny baby that is your complete life the last thing you are thinking of it that this time will ever end because for some reason as fast as the time does go, those first few months seem like years when they are happening!!! It is amazing just how messy the little darlings are isn't it? Great post!!