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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yes Leslie, you just did that

Another mom blogger ( gave me the idea to do this post. Because there are times (or will be times after you have your own kids) you just stop and go "what the hell did I just do?" I a moment like that this morning with Jennie. So here goes my first "you know you're a parent when..."

-You stick your finger up a nose that isn't yours. Jennie has had a pretty wicked runny nose lately, and this morning when she woke up she had boogers everywhere. I pulled out one bigger than my damn pinky nail from her tiny nose, and as I wiped it off my finger I literally stopped and asked myself out loud "did I really just do that?!" Yes Leslie, you did. And you are going to do it again. If it means my baby girl breathes easier, I'll pull more than just boogers out of her nose.

-Your baby's bowel movements consume your every thought. Ok, not every parent has to focus that much on how much or how often their child poops but for the first 3 months of Jennie's life, she only pooped every other day. One week, she went 3 days without pooping and on that third night I was at my wit's end. When she wasn't sleeping she was screaming because her belly was hurting her so bad. Warm water wasn't working and I'm not a fan of any over-the-counter products until absolutely necessary- apple juice and a hot bath was my last option before trying gas drops and anything else. So for 45 minutes Jake sat behind her in the tub, pushing her legs into her sore, tiny belly while I held her bottle of diluted apple juice for her. I'll never forget her screams that night- I was crying as she was trying to poop and when she finally did I couldn't have been happier (and neither could she!) And another "you know you're a parent" moment...when you get excited about poop. It will happen and don't say I didn't say so...

It's only been less than 4 months, so I know more of these moments are on the way. Feel free to share your own, or just ask your mom or dad about the first time they had these moments. This post is part of my new giveaway, so stay tuned for more details :)


  1. It's an adventure alright!! I have done the booger thing and the worrying about babies not pooping. In fact I don't think I ever used words like booger and poop till I had kids. Also, the word penis has been used more in my house than I thought possible, things like "Penis's don't belong in kitchens" are things I never in a million years thought I would say!!! Great post!! Glad Jennie can breathe better!!

  2. Oh yeah, I remember those boogers, I would pull them out like spaghetti, the trick is to do it fast, so you don't break the thread :)

  3. Isn't this post the truth lol. The funny thing is it never changes as they get older just more things get added. It keeps life lively though.

  4. Wait until they start pooping on the potty and get older and older and STILL want to show you the poop! Have fun with your little one. It goes by so quickly!